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  • Stuart Reardon

TRANSFORM Any wall into a creative studio backdrop.

Learning how to take your own photographs is challenging at times, because we all want to take great photographs. But once you really get the hang of it, it's such an awesome creative process that I love because you're 100% in control of your own style, look, branding, editing. The whole creative process is all yours to really try express yourself and create something different and Unique.

Trying different backdrops, locations, styles, looks and editing techniques will fasttrack you to improving your skill set, help you become more confident in shooting yourself and others.

Watch how to transform any wall into a creative backdrop.

Here are 7 easy steps to taking better photos.

Shoot in Manual Mode

Once you know how to properly use your camera, it becomes much easier to spot where you’re going wrong and how to fix it. Shoot on manual, Learn everything about your current cameras capabilities and you’ll get better photos right away.

Learn Basic Composition Techniques.

Once you’ve learnt basic composition techniques, such as the rule of thirds and the use of leading lines you start to look at everything as a photo backdrop, a framing opportunity. Always have your camera on you. These little guides help your photos improve from good pictures to great pictures. Always try new styles, challenge your new skillset to keep your photos exciting, creative and interesting.

Frame Your Subject

Look for creative ways to frame subjects, like a doorway or window, trees, grass, bring items into foreground to add depth to the photos. Framing can add more of a story to your photos, telling the viewer a little more about what’s going on, helping create more of a feeling.

Check Your Background

Always check your background, it is a massive part of any photo.......Messy backgrounds can work but only if you're really going for that style or look. Moving your camera slightly or taking a few minutes to clean up your background can make all the difference when it comes to cleaning up your shot, and saving you more work in post production editing things out.

White Balance

This is really important if you want good photos...which require less editing in post correcting white balances. The WB controls the colour cast of your photos. Checking the WB before you start shooting will dramatically improve your end results.

Use the Histogram

The histogram is a mathematical representation of how well exposed an image is. It’s a great basis for improving your photography.

Practice Makes Perfect

You don't instantly start taking great photos, though I wish you did, if you want to get good at anything in life, you have to work hard at it, practise any chance you get and shoot in all types of lighting and weather conditions to improve your skill.

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